About us

We are a medium-sized owner-managed crafts business. Being proven master carpenters with a lot of experience, expertise and enthusiasm, we develop and build furniture according to your requirements. We carefully assemble the furniture and of course we remain being your reliable service partner even long after installation.

Jasper Böhm :

Jasper Böhm

Thomas Zander :

Thomas Zander

Volker Jung :

Volker Jung

Dirk Bönkendorf :

Dirk Bönkendorf

Marcel Andree :

Marcel Andree

Jannik Heinrich :

Jannik Heinrich

Adrian Rehm :

Adrian Rehm

Tilman Riemer :

Tilman Riemer

Maxim Janusov :

Maxim Janusov

Dennis Diestelkämper :

Dennis Diestelkämper

Seifeldien Abdallah :

Seifeldien Abdallah

Svea Pfingsten :

Svea Pfingsten

Viktor Hermann :

Viktor Hermann

Bodo Möller :

Bodo Möller

Achim Seidel :

Achim Seidel

Florian Kroll :

Florian Kroll

Cosimo Kastner :

Cosimo Kastner

Milad Abdolahzadeh :

Milad Abdolahzadeh