Beds for a sense of well-being

The entire FreiStil team want the therapy bed to be a piece of furniture that adapts in a natural way in the living space of the child. Therefore, we offer a wide range of bed models and options for individual colour design. Further we find clever solutions for every room situation, in order to fit the bed carefully into the room, to provide safety and a sense of secureness.

LISA 136 eingebaut in dachschräge

LISA 136 installed in a roof slope

LEA königlich mit Baldachin

LEA kingly or queenly with baldachin

LUKAS 68 romantisch mit Betthimmel

LUKAS 68 romantically with canopy

LEA ganz in weiß passt genau

LEA completely white a perfect fit

LUKAS 136 geht auch unters dach

LUKAS 136 even fits under the roof