HUWI – Lift changing table


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 Table dimensions outside / weight

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 HUWI large

Changing table for young and old

At the push of a button, HUWI can be lifted easily to the desired working height. It reduces the load on the spine, thus relieving the caregivers. HUWI is available for children and adults. Special dimensions are also possible.

HUWI groß: Liegehöhe 63 – 105 cm

HUWI large: Lying height 63 – 105 cm

HUWI klein: Liegehöhe 53 – 95 cm

HUWI small: Lying height 53 – 95 cm

HUWI groß: Liegefläche 200 x 85 cm, herausrollsicherung

HUWI large: Mattress 200 x 85 cm, roll out protection

HUWI klein: Liegefläche 140 x 75 cm, Traglast bis 70 kg

HUWI small: Mattress 140 x 75 cm, load capacity up to 70 kg