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 Material / Combination

  • Solid beech, oiled surface
  • Rods with acryl glass impact resistant
  • acryl glass or rods all round
  • Brake rollers 75 mm



 Doors + Protection

  • 2+2 doors with hinges, 102 cm high
  • Doors at the second long side
  • Access on one bed end
  • Locking bar at the bottom
  • U-shaped safety rail at the top
  • Cable tube routing

 Bed dimensions/Weight

  • 107 x 216 cm/190 kg
  • 87 x 186 cm/170 kg
  • 156 cm bed height

 Bed surface + lying height

  • 100 x 200 cm
  • 80 x 170 cm
  • 52 – 94 cm including mattress
  • All round upholstery 67 cm/101 cm high, imitation leather


  • 1-layer cold foam core, 12 cm, hardly inflammable according to DIN 597-1/2, cover washable
  • More mattresses and incontinence covers

 Bed insert frame

  • Wood mattress base 2 parts
  • Electromotive height adjustment
  • Manual adjustment of head and foot section
  • Electromotive adjustment of head and foot section, wood lying surface 4-parts
  • Manual skew (wooden deck area)
  • Protective guard
  • Manual switch, lockable, initial fault security
  • Safe working load 135 kg

 Aids numbers

  • 100 x 200 cm:
  • 80 x 170 cm:

 Care aids numbers

  • 100 x 200 cm:
  • 80 x 170 cm:

lukaslukas_1Easy to handle and very stable

This bed combines security with easy handling for the caregivers. The 102 cm high doors are very stable and may be additionally secured. Due to their division they can be easily opened and closed with the rotary hinges.

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Stabiler Eingreifschutz schützt vor Verletzungen

Stable protective guard prevents from injuries

Kombination Stäbe mit Spectar® für aktive Teilhabe

Combination of rods with acryl glass for active participation

Sicherer Zugang durch zweigeteilte Türen mit Feststellung

Secure access through split doors with fixed positioning

Sichere Führung für Kabel und Versorgungsschläuche

Safe routing of cables and umbilicals

Zusätzliche Türen an einem Bettende

Additional doors at one end of the bed

Türen an beiden Längsseiten

Doors on both long sides

Türsicherung oben durch U-Form-Leiste

Secure door lock at the top with U-shaped bar

LUKAS 102: Rundumpolsterung, 67 cm hoch

LUKAS 102: all round upholstery, 67 cm high

Allround Upholstery Colours

removable day and night upholstery