KARLSSON – floating bed


  • Standard Extra

 Material / Combination

  • solid beechwood, oiled surface
  • Polyester wall netting, skin-friendly, flame retardant, extremly tear resistant
  • Plywood board with wooden lying on surface


  • Natural, with a wall netting cover in BLACK, BLUE or PINK

Sideboards and Safety Bar

  • Netting with a wooden hanging strip
  • Zip fastener

external Bed Measurements/ Weight

  • Wooden frame: 113 x 257 x 221 cm / 90 kg
  • Cabin: 100 x 200 cm, 170 cm hoch
  • Entry Area: 125 x 150 cm

Bed Surface + Lying height

  • 100 x 200 cm
  • 48 cm including mattress


  • 1-layer cold foam core, 12 cm, hardly inflammable according to DIN 597-1/2, cover washable
  • Further Mattresses and incontinence covers

Bed insert frame

  • Wood mattress base 2 parts
  • Safe working load 150 kg

 KARLSSON – Floating in Safety

The Karlsson floating bed is an absolute novum in nursing and therapy beds. The patient can be lifted out without any serious risk of injury. Noise levels are reduced. Like a cocoon, the floating cabin hangs on a suspension board and provides protection and a feeling of security. The wall netting is skin-friendly and cushions even forceful movements softly and safely. The cabin comes in BLACK, BLUE or PINK.

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Floating, flexible and secure cabin

The stable, massive wooden frame provides a secure hold